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RSD/SZS-1530-9C tailings dewatering system

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RSD/SZS-1530-9C tailings dewatering system is designed by using SZ436A1-9C shale shaker (dewatering shaker), cyclone group, slurry pump, collection tank and supporting combination. It is mainly used for tailings dry drainage and dewatering to achieve the effects of solid dry drainage and clean water recycling.

Features of SZS436A1-9C shale shaker:

1.vibratory motors are mounted on the top of screening basket directly, hence the G-force is able to be transited to the screens at maximum evenly.

  1. linear motions and better handling capacity.
  2. rigid springs enable stable vibration of screen basket, and the vibration will not transit to skid.
  3. screen material is polyurethane, and the complete sealing structure of screen bed is proprietary design to improve performance and life of screens dramatically.
  4. wedge lock design enables screen replacement more rapid.
  5. deck angle ranges from 1.5°~3°
  6. anti-corrosion paint of the machine enables it to work in corrosive environment.

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